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Toolbox Meeting Tips                                                                                 

Why do we have Safety Meetings?                                                         

Why should you wash your hands?                                                       

Fire prevention & Extinguishing                                                              

General Duties of the Employees at work (Section 14 – OHS Act)   

General Safety attitude and behaviour                                                   

Near Misses                                                                                                 

Protective Clothing                                                                                     

Safety Signs                                                                                                


Substance Abuse                                                                                       

Working in Hot Environments                                                                 

Watching out for Workplace Hazards                                                     

You never get a second change                                                              

Snake Awareness – Part 1                                                                       

Snake Awareness – Part 2                                                                       

Snake Awareness – Part 3                                                                      

Snake Awareness – Part 4                                                                       

Laughter – The Best Medicine                                                                 


Preventing Workplace Horseplay                                                            

Conserving Electricity – Saving Tips                                                      

Ways to Conserve Water                                                                           

Working at Heights                                                                                   

Protect your Hands                                                                                     

How to save the Environment at Home                                                

Employee Responsibility                                                                          

Pedestrian Safety Tips                                                                               

What is the goal of a Risk Assessment?                                              

Accident Prevention: Why it is important to you                                    

Back Protection                                                                                           

Cost of an Accident                                                                                    

Hearing Protection                                                                                     

Hazard Recognition                                                                                               

Hazard Assessment                                                                                               

Paper, Plastic or Something Better                                                          

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism                                                   

Road Rules                                                                                                  

General Duties of the Employer (Section 8 – OHS Act)                      

Hand Protection – Injuries                                                                        

Function of Health and Safety Rep (Section 18 – OHS Act)              

Tips to healthy eating and physical activity                                           

Ways to prevent Water waste                                                                   


It’s your decision                                                                                      


Protecting your eyes                                                                                  

Manual Handling                                                                                      

Afterthoughts and Regrets                                                                        

Everyone is responsible for safety                                                          

Good hygiene can keep you healthy                                                      

Near misses – The one that almost happened                                     

Equipment hazards – Report unsafe equipment                                              

Hand protection                                                                                          

Attitude affects your safety                                                                        

Portable fire extinguishers                                                                        

Look out for your co-workers                                                                    

Wear your seatbelt                                                                                      

Chemical facts                                                                                          

Thoughts to start the workday                                                                 

What is Global warming?                                                                          

Slips and falls                                                                                              

What is HIV and Aids?                                                                               

General Safety – Unsafe Acts                                                                

Safety and your supervisor                                                                                

Protective Footwear                                                                                   

Fighting Fatigue                                                                                         

A clean and Safe Workplace                                                                    




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