Scope of Services

We offer a broad spectrum of services:

  • Design and compilation of workplace health and safety plans and / or policies.grading-for-mondi
  • Design and compilation of workplace health and safety rules and systems.
  • Design and compilation of Contractor Files.
  • Conducting risk assessments and risk management plans.
  • Assist with Workmen’s Compensation requirements.
  •  Design and compilation of health and safety specifications.
  • Training and Development.
  • Conducting audits.
  • Assistance in choice of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Assistance in Legal Compliance.
  • Posters
  • Environmental
  • HSEC Online
  • Personal Protective Equipment / Clothing
  • OHSAS18002 / ISO9001 / ISO14001
  • Grading Certificate for Mondi Contractor Files



Appointment DNA

A Health and Safety Appointment is a legally binding contractual agreement (allowed for by legislation, some instances required legislation) entered into two parties, either the employer or the manager and a specific employee. Health and Safety legislation makes the appointee and appointed, in terms of Act, accountable to ensuring compliance with all applicable legal requirements of the Act and regulations. These appointments however are only of value if done correctly. The Appointment DNA software was developed aligning the requirements of the DME, DOL and Specialist Court.

The appointment letters have been tested in investigations, inquiries and criminal prosecution in several cases. The software makes it easy for the clients to manage all the appointment letters available, and updates protect the client from potential liability.

Legal Register

The Occupational Health and Safety Legal Register links applicable legal requirements directly to a company’s identified activities, aspects & impacts as well as health & safety risks and hazards. According to the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, there are no defined formats on the legal register, but they do require organisations to identify relevant health and safety legislation at national, provincial and local authority levels.




4Legal Compliance as a minimum standard of managing Health and Safety exposures has never been more relevant than right now. Companies spend a great deal of resources and effort in ensuring that their SHE management systems are effective, and relate back to actual workplace performance. The Importance of bench-marking against parameters such as OHSAS 18000 should be management priority.

Legal Opinions

A Health ad Safety Legal Opinion is a formal written statement an advocate or attorney prepares a client, stating his / her reasoned belief about what the law is how a court would interpret it, or how to specific circumstances posed by the client.


A retainer is a negotiated flat fee paid on a regular basis. What it is typically intended to cover is:

The right of our client to get a certain amount of work done on a regular basis and can also cover a specified amount of work – this is simply a form of prepayment – think of this as a payment to guarantee that LCS is on ‘stand-by’ to service you.

Typical retainer services are :

  • Legal Representation – Investigations, inquiries and criminal prosecutions
  • Health and Safety Management System
  • Chairing Health and Safety Committee meetings
  • Risk Assessments
  • Documentation and Appointments
  • Legal Opinions
  • 24 hour Legal Assistance
  • Any other specified assistance


Investigations, Inquiries and Criminal Prosecutions

Health and Safety legal liabilities are now undoubtedly one of the major financial and criminal risks faced by the top corporate hierarchy in South Africa. Investigations, inquiries and criminal prosecutions have on the past proven the way for civil suits against companies or even directors’ persona assets potentially on the line; it’s not overstating the case to say that legal compliance with relevant legislation is nothing less than critical to corporate survival. Our Advocates and Lawyers who specialise on Health and Safety can therefor assist from the start to the conclusion of any such actions. Our reactive service encompass the following: Correct formulation of documentation for submission to the Department of Mineral Resources or Department of Labour.


Preparation of documentation such as affidavits, accident reports etc.

Client representation at all stages of an investigation, inquiry or criminal prosecution is available, including precautionary advice against incrimination.


Training Available

Client Specific Inductions2

  1. Legal Liability (OHS Act and MHS Act)
  2. Legal Liability for Employees: Section 14
  3. Legal Liability for Health and Safety Representatives (OHS Act and MHS Act)
  4. Incident investigation (OHS Act and MHS Act)
  5. Legal Risk Assessment (OHS Act and MHS Act) or HIRA
  6. Regulatory training, ie. Constructive Regulations
  7. Training w.r.t, Statutory Appointments (OHS Act and MHS Act)
  8. Occupational Health and Safety Environment Awareness (Induction)
  9. Environmental Training

Various other customised Health, Safety and Environmental training


Service Value Orientation

Coastal Legal Compliance Services provides highly professional and personalized services to all clients through a dedicated consultant. Our competitive edge lies in the quality of our services at all stages of our delivery systems and processes, emphasis on service excellence, and sheer flexibility to meet our client’s unique and dynamic needs.


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